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 Hello's from LoSaH =)

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Hello's from LoSaH =) BLSboss
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2015 3:49 pm

Not sure if it was an automessage of Vegere when I signed up, any ways, lets go!

Dieter "LoSaH" Baert - aged: 24y old (13-04-90) - single - IQ of 118
Find diedie, picture taking in Poland, Krakau late october 2013, meeting of some UT2004 people:

Doubt many of you lads know me or even heard about me ingame, but I'm playing since game since the release. 
Started first with NW TDM and LMS, later I started to play Instagib. It took me a while to figure out how to play insta against bots as I was only 9 years old and my english as well my computer skills were uhm, non existent. Not much later I could speak some english (noob, loser,...) Cool 

When I was 10 I joined my first clan (BeNe aka BeNelux gaming) which was kinda scary as these people were all around 18y old but somehow they added a 10y old Captain_LoSeR (was my original nick, not much later my clanmates changed to LoSaH). This was the start of many beautiful years.

I was a real clanwhore back in the days, also had my own clan (=>'MD'<=). I also made some enemies back then but nowadays my biggest enemy is one of my best friends in UT and real life.

Around 2006 I had enough of UT and zeroping. Couldn't hit people like wom_are_idi so I started to play CS 1.6. Should have played this game much earlier as I was surprisingly a fantastic player. Aim wasn't that good but my tactical insight and wallbangs were world-class. Pitty I don't have any demo's any more cause I have been banned over 100 times in funwars cause they tought I was cheating my ass off cause of my crazy wallbangs. Also had my own team there, BoSS, founded in august 2007 and currently we're still alive but mainly as an UT clan.

CS died around 2011/12 with the upcoming release of CS:GO I went back to UT with my last active CS member. Played mainly in most 2v2 cups @ CB (we played in about ~9 cups every season, once we had a season where we competed in 13 cups with only 3 members). Besides the cups, I played on the UK publics and in europugs. During all those years I played around 2000+ official games on CB and about 1500 pugs. I was also CB and ESL in the past for various games (Cup sup for CS 1.6, Ladder & Cup sup for CS:S, Game sup for UT2004, Cup sup UT99 on CB and on ESL Ladder CS 1.6). During all these years of competitive play

Nowadays I barely play UT any more due to my skill increase this summer everyone is convinced I'm cheating. Luckily, there all still a lot of people that believe in my innocence. Cause of this, I'm banned from nearly all the populated server so when I play some UT it's either a quick 1v1 or with my polish stoned friend B1O and his team I love you

Oh yeah, I'm always up for a game, poke me on irc or some other communication thingie Cool
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Hello's from LoSaH =) TheLoner
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2015 4:34 pm

Welcome to BLS forum Losah, i think i saw u sometimes.
dont know if it was u or a member of BoSS... cant remember as my brain is stupid sometimes... or maybe most of the times xD
u might see me as Coldandhot, as i rarely changed my nick at any game i played.
Hf and gl with ur objectives and game play.

Hello's from LoSaH =) Hotnco10
______________/////T3/M SUpP0RT____________________

Hello's from LoSaH =) B_560_95_1

{NW/Combo/Grapple} -|BLS|- Public NN CTF server 
Address:   Port: 7777   Status: Alive
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Hidden Godfather

Hello's from LoSaH =) PartyPooper
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 9:37 am

Welcome here!

Great introduction! And Vegere has put incredible efforts in welcoming people 24/7!

Just kidding yep it was an Auto-Welcome Message. Laughing

I should probably change it to Ch3rry being the one auto-welcoming people because well, who doesn't wanna be welcomed by the Goddess? Cool The auto-message should be something a bit seductive right? What a Face

Btw Belgium? My sister's bf grew up there even though he's of Italian origin. Do you speak French? We have 3 fluent French speakers in BLS. Me, Keith/Tempest and Zek/P0p but we're all extremely good in English thankfully or else BLS would have collapsed under what we used to call "The Minde + Paczus" clan style (a clan with two clan leaders who speak with zero communication; they don't even understand each other). Another member named Laz is a wannabe French speaker though... What a Face

That stoned b1o, Chr1st and Tempest could understand your situation as they (especially Chr1st at his best shape) also got banned almost everywhere due to their high skills. Being banned = reason to play less leading to reduced / lost skills. Except I've heard Chr1st is now a BT player (he doesn't have to kill anyone) Laughing
As for me, I've only been banned in few NA Face servers back in the days for doing some lucky consecutive sniper shots... HAHA! But overall nowhere near Chr1st's level at his best... I still remember b1o being so pissed when he got destroyed all the time by Chr1st back in the days... Good old rivalry... Razz

BLS|D!ck[FACE] (name is disallowed in Multiplay7)
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Hello's from LoSaH =) UTdiva
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Job/hobbies : movies,vamps,ut99,go out.
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2015 5:12 am

Hey welcome losah 
On forum, Nice That you play UT too
Since The game came out i was 10 years old
I played LMS too in The days and RB RX JB And NW
Great days 
But all ready knew you abit On insta And irc 

Hf On bls forum:o

Hello's from LoSaH =) Tam2_b10
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Hello's from LoSaH =) UTdiva
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Location : Hellas
Job/hobbies : Environmental science
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2015 2:58 pm

Heeyyy !!! Yes sorry if your welcome message was not seductive enough, haha! Great intro lol, better than a job application Razz  You found yourself among the coolest people in UT! I hope you have fun with us. Check our new server, it's still under construction but still... we can have a good time there Smile

A BLS so.... NIKITA!!!!!
Check out OUR MUSIC BLOG!!!
Hello's from LoSaH =) Hqnanr10
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Hello's from LoSaH =) FlagAssassin
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2015 10:34 pm

Whale Cum! Smile

Dallas Time

Hello's from LoSaH =) P2_zpsabd92946
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European Leader

Hello's from LoSaH =) TitleLAZ
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2015 1:27 am

Welcome Losah!

Je suis Laz! ;D

Hello's from LoSaH =) Laz1_b10
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Hello's from LoSaH =) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello's from LoSaH =)   Hello's from LoSaH =) I_icon_minitime

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Hello's from LoSaH =)
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