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The New Generation BLS
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"Ei sa peitää xD Finnish guy with cool talents. A pure ND and instaplayer.. I thought.. but It turned out.. first time I ever saw you playing on the .de servers.. that you were totally dangerous there aswell! I've played alot with you before you got BLS and now it fells really great to have you here.. getting to know you better etc. You do have great painting skills man! :O you guys should see!!!! And what more.. in game you're a fast attacker. Fearless and tricky! With the sexiest skin UT can provide. I always try to be there covering your necris net stocking ass ;)" - Laz
"The Prettiest Man I have even seen!!! (yeah I said it, so what :P) He's a really good player, I remember him from way back in ND. His skin makes every guy in BLS horny (specially Laz). An attacker at hearth, he will always cap for his team no matter what and on those rare chances he doesn't then it was because he was too busy owning every one around him...A pleasant person to play with. He will always say "gg" at the end of the game no matter what...I really need to play some more matches with him but so far I have liked his sense of humor and the love he has show to BLS. I am glad he's with us!!" - Soge

"This Canadian guy may be known as "Zek" to people, but to us, he's known as "P0p" which is shorten from "P0ph3rch3rry". What's sad from him is that he used to live in my wonderful Montreal city. Not anymore. He now lives far West in Vancouver where he has higher ping than before! He's still very deadly and his game style remains strange though. You may notice that he camps, but when you go back to see him, he's no longer there camping. By then, you'll realize he has scored for his team. That's right. What the f*ck!? He may start his games very slowly and relaxing. Then boom! He's suddenly leading. A player who sets psychological traps and diversions. He can be such a mystery. He has some brothers playing UT who still fail to reach his level! We'll also never forget his amazing role of sniper and attacker in BLS North American clan wars." - Lid
"well i dont know nothin about him too.. like anon.. but when i play with him.. i can see that he is a very good player.. one of the best of the clan.. " - Ciro
"BLS P0ph3rch3rry - I knew p0ph3rch3rry as JEW back in ND. However this is an interesting story between p0p and myself. As JEW, I saw him as a good player but not quite the league as some other great players I've seen on No Downloads. However, whenever I saw the user P0ph3rch3rry, it was of total death. His style was of the beginnings of a pro in the making, and I remember he use to represent ZRYW (I think?). Later on, p0p wanted to join BLS and I was giving lid my recommendation of him joining. And that's when he told me he was actually the JEW zryw player. Boy was I shocked! But it was really cool since I liked facing p0p since it helped me improved my game, and then when he became BLS, he was making shockwaves, ripping it apart in no downloads. Very pleasant guy to talk to, p0p is another example of the skill and coolness BLS players bring to the game. Mc's Strategic Analysis - The laid back killer. P0p has one of the better movements in (B)lack (L)uster (S)oldiers. His aim and expert use of the shock rifle makes this guy one of our best killers and also one of the toughest to kill (trust me I know this XD). P0p style is also meant more in the aggressive stage, in terms of attacking more then defending. I dont think I ever seen p0p defend before, but with that amazing use of the shock rifle as well as basically any weapon in his hands, he's another I wouldn't want to mess with, unless I had 90 ping or 150/199 health :D Definitly a pro in the making." - MC
"This canadian killing machine is like a mini anon. A killer that constantly has sprees and rampages. Great movement and very good accuracy. Even though he is a freelancer he will be on the attack as well. I myself consider him an attacker anyway. More importantly he loves to curse at noobs xD. Its hilarious watching him do it (even though anon doing this is the funniest thing iver ever seen on UT) and then he goes and owns your face in with his talk/ownage. He can difinantly back up his mouth with his skill. Im glad hes on our team now instead of ZRYW.(note)-p0p loves to pop cherries on a daily basis." - Kron
"P0p is a our gangstaboy xD He's busy with hanging around with the catholic school girls I think.. naughty :P use to be a killingmachine with the sniper in american servers. I can imagine Pop likes the DM and TDM servers. Just a kind of person you want to meat in the middle of the map when you carry flag... ONLY if you're in the same team!. You don't want to be a noob flaming pop xD he might get furious and kill you xD Long since I saw you out there on the server (or in forum) though.. hope you'll get back sometimes! I think P0p is the youngest man in this clan. I'm happy we have so mature and GOOD LOOKING youngestrs... omg.. I wasn't gonna come to this.. I promised myself to not let my feelings about P0ps great lookin effect my comments but I can't stop myself from saying it! xD keep it up p00p haha P0p-corn xD hehe omg this is fun xD" - Laz
"This little shit is always after me in a game , constantly up my arse not giving me time to rest lol. Some Canadian lad with shit ping , but still manages to rape people on Eurpoean Servers. His movement is seriously quick and his accuracy is becoming increasingly pinpoint. Reckons he is such a pimp :P. Is funny watching him , kron and mhad have fights about who is better =] Whats to constantly 1v1 EVERYONE lol. But yeah , he seems like a pretty sound lad with exceptional UT skills =] " - Anon
"i love to argue with this man, cause then it turns into a battle of the best scores and killing frenzies. i always win though . great player in terms of sniping since he is fast with the mouse. i will give him a compliment for once and say he is the pimpest man in the clan." - Kron (again but later)
"The BLS P.I.M.P. if you introduce him to a girl, you better believe those panties will be hitting the floor within two hours. This is no Joke :|...he's a pretty cool Canadian guy which that Alone should tell you how cool he is, since Canada seems to be Below 0 year round LOL JK :P. In UT, he snipes really good, annoying the other team to death he's pretty fun to play with and against. He frags a lot, so if you see some guy named Zek^Rusty or Ez something you better be prepared to make friends with your Spawn point cause that's where you will be for most of the match. I hope he gets Tired of MW2 some time soon and comes visit us here, till then we shall wait for "The P.I.M.P."..." - Soge

"Blub gives the most nostalgic feeling to the clan ever! There's no way we would let him go! He gives a relaxing atmosphere to the clan! Unfortunately he's also a very busy guy and we all respect that fact. But we miss him a lot! I will always remember when I had a fun conversation with him, especially when we were joking about a certain guy from India named Tyson when he was faking as everyone including Blub himself. In games, Blub may observe the game very carefully and think about the necessary tasks that his team needs. Your team may score 2 or 3 times but right after that, he knows how your team is working and he will stop it. His style of playing can change so much during the game, you would think he became someone else. Once he's really adjusted for the game, you either lose or win in one of the hardest ways. Feel the Dutch power! Oh and his style in BLS is that... he doesn't dodge despite having aimbot-like shots. But he has helped contributing in BLS clan wars and making BLS grow in community!" - Lid
"he is dutch but surprisingly dosnt smoke weed and isnt too interested in prostitution. He sucks at Poker but is loads better at UT. he is soooo ncie , and dont swear or anything when he gets spawnkilled or camped. he kills everyone and anything in his way" - Anon
"he is a very nice player.. and when i played with him.. .he alwyas save my ass lo.. thnaks bud.. he is also a very good teammate.. with a veri nice accuraty.." - Ciro
"BLS Blub - The gentleman of (B)lack (L)uster (S)oldiers. I swear it must be very easy for blub to get girls because he's so freakin sweet. Gentleman is the best way to describe blub, and he is by far easy to get along with. I have tons of fun playing with blub in UT and it'll always stay like that. Unfortunatly, I was not involved in the process of recruiting him on the clan, but I definitly knew him by his reputation. He was 6th on the server, and if you faced him before, you'll know why. Blub I would think is the person that makes anyone in BLS :) because he's definitly radiant. Go Blub! Mc's Strategic Analysis - THE killing machine. In terms of movement, blub does a lot less flipping but he doesn't need to. He doesn't want to waste energy in his legs when it's his fingers that will do the talking, because I guarentee by the time you see him, you are already dead. I would classify blub as the person that you'll think is an aimbot out of anyone in the clan (except for the BLS Lord himself). Blub is professional freelance killer, meant to carry out any role in terms of supporting his teammates while they are in firefight, to taking out snipers with his deadly (and I mean DEADLY) accuracy, to having fun because he knows this is a game. I'm glad Blub is representing us, and in return enjoying his stay here, while making this clan a lot better then before." - MC
"The non dodger. I have only seen blub dodge once and thats during BT with me (which he is pretty good at for a noob). One of the deadliest people with a sniper when he has a good ping. A great supporter/defender as I found out in war. its hard to kill him even though he jumps like a bunny. He seems to always be happy just like ciro. Even if his comp isnt working he will still be smiling somehow. I love to play with him since even if we get pounded its always a good game (but it never happens). The killing supporter of my dreams. If I have the flag then I want him to cover me. If I drop it he will pick it up and score :P. Great teammate to have on the BLS squad." - Kron
"Blub haha known as the BLS non-dodger I have talked with you and played with you very little but somehow I've got this feeling that i like you so much It could be the fact that you listen to Opeth xD That's a high way to my heart xD I love that you come in random moments and write some things cheering us up in forum . Hope to see more of you! EDITED one year later: I still hope too see more of you! BLS FTW right!!! :D" - Laz
"been gone for so long its like he isnt even here. he still cant dodge right? does he have a dodging disease that prevents him from doing so? cause i think thats the problem. the most polite man in the clan has been busy and i do miss playing with him." - Kron (again but later)

"This man is our portugeese brother Always scores high in all maps.. first time I saw him was one day on ND.. just when he had became BLS. I entered a game and he had 511 score :S xD wicked sick haha when the second one had 200 something xD and there were some skilled ppl there believe me. Also in the .de servers you've been a high scorer in every game. You playstyle reminds me a bit of Hosse's. You're a CTF player from the roots. This man is one of my role models in UT :P The fact that you look like Barcelona coach Joseph Guardiola when dressed up is also very cool D: I think of you every time I watch barcelona! :D Damn its starting to sound gay now xD well.. xD too bad I Don't see you very often now.. but I'll never give up the hope to play hundreds of more games with you! What else can I say.. Don't hassle the Chao!" - Laz
"the guy who surfs . he is very deadly in games as i witnessed for myself the power as he owned in FFA server when i was eating. i didnt think that he could but man i was amazed at his pure killing ability. sometimes he just scares me. even though he is quiet he is very polite and very nice. also very fun to talk to and very fun to play with." - Kron
"The University teacher who gets high!! lol yeah every time I met him in ND he would spec every once in a while to light one up what kind of teacher does that? Anyway he was impressed when I told him that the smallest penis in the USA is 9 inches (just pure facts) A deadly player, I don't like facing him at all, but when am on his team I just noob around cause I know he would do all the dirty work (just for me ;D). He is a guy you want in your team for wars, it doesn't matter if its in Europe or North America you want him!! He is just that good :)" - Soge

"Hosse might also be one of the members whom I've played most games with. Even in times when you were PLT and beforter that I loved to play with you. We didn't ever talk I thik :P except for "gg" or "wp" etc but I felt when we were on same team we made a great threat. And I still have a huge bunch of screenshots to proove that :P Now when you're in the clan I've been able to talk some more with you and you seem to be just the nice guy I've suspected you to be :P "places to find him: Always there for you" that's true :P you're always in the .de servers making the games alot more meaningful for me and I'm sure other BLS players aswell :) I hope to get to know you even better and keep up the cooking! Don't hassle the hos" - Laz
"The polish capper. Hes very quiet and very deadly. He can snipe, run, and use the rox. But dont underestimate his shock rifle either. He owns in battles during the games and he manages to kill me SOOO many times in every match. He is always capping and making important plays for his team. His english isnt that good but he doesnt really need it as he is quiet anyways. On TS, the only time you hear him is if he is laughing or saying where he is going. One of the members of BLS that i think will go a long way as a great player. He has some great potential. And i know his english will improve xD" - Kron
"Every time I faced him in ND, I felt like specing cause what was the point in trying to put up a fight Against the Polish Juggernaut!! He doesn't talk much, but what tough guy does? He just stares at you with his deadly look and awaits for you to put your head down and walk the other way. A great Attacker, he owns in FFA, Snipermania and every other server he joins lol. It makes me proud that he "Never" takes His BLS tag off. When I grow up I want to be at least 50% as good as he is." - Soge

"Wow I almost forgot you man! Where are you nowadays? I've never get a grip of you really haha you seems to be a funny guy with great offensive skills in UT! You and Chr1st in the same team is still the most deadly combo in BLS's history.. of imagination xD :P I wanna see it come true.. in a clanwar!" - Laz
"The rocket master. Dont let this guy get a rocket launcher in his hands. If you do your good as dead. Ive never seen anyone handle rockets as good as he does. Whenever I watch him play I just sit with my mouth open at the frags he has. Flipping rockets are an interesting sight to behold in UT. Plus ive heard he is really good with the impact hammer being to able to do many tricks. A fun guy to talk to on irc. But dont get him mad in the game when hes in the zone. He will seek you out and just pick on you for the rest of the match. Oh and he will also curse you out at the same time as owning you" - Kron
"Its been a while since I have seen him play. But damn he is a well rounded player, in defense he is impenetrable, but the one place I have seen him most in action is in the attack. Before he was BLS he took on Manu and Joker at the same time without any problems and called "Them" Noobs (Manu and Joker noobs? WFT? xD) In ND the only way I could take him down was by doing a 6 rocket Kamakazi attack and even then it was only a 50% chance that I would kill him. Anyway I have not had the pleasure to play with him since I became BLS, but hopefully it will happen soon. :)" - Soge

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"Brother of Chr1st :P that's pretty cool xD I dunno much more about you.. you seem to play only LMS :P I guess I won't even have a look at you if we played in the same LMS game :P Something tells me you're good.. but you have much to live up to with that messiah brother you've got ;) JackDaniels is a rockers whiskey.. that's another cool thing xD " - Laz

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"I don't remember how we met him but he was moving and flipping so fast like a fast-forward hack or something. This was probably why he managed to spawn-kill by moving left to right extremely quickly to get a godlike in just 15 seconds (in CTF-Face). He was our first powerful player who taught most of us how to move the way we do nowadays. CTF-Command is a very uneven crappy map, but surprisingly, he was with me and Ciro in that map, only to take his time to joke around with us and randomly show around how we own. If you think the classic BLS members have improved, you know where it started now. J0ker is just a very skilled player." - Lid
"BLS J0ker - Fun guy to play with. I remember discovering this guy in LMS no downloads. He is by far the most experienced player in BLS and the deadliest. Sharpest movements, aimbot type accuracy. He's definitly the person that all BLS players want to be. J0ker is also very fun to be with, not that cocky type of shit you see other players do. He is the secret weapon of BLS, when the clan is in great need. But he is also extremely cool guy and I'm glad he's in our warm clan. Mc's Strategic Analysis On a scale of 1-20, he's definitly l337. I remember facing him in curse, we were the final two. He had 5 lives left, I had 4. And I couldn't kill him once. his dodging is so smooth, like an actual pro. Sheesh, this guy is basically a pro in my mind. He's about half the power of BLS if not more. If you ever face BLS and see him on the map, just disconnect your internet, because after he's done with you personally, you'll wish you never have to face the horror known as (B)lack (L)uster (S)oldiers again." - MC
"The guy that will kill, flip, and kill again. The constant flipping style of j0ker became a habit for all BLS now that he showed it to us. J0ker is a kind of role model for all of us as he barely plays and yet still owns constantly. You wont even get 3 seconds to try and kill this guy before he has you blown into pieces with whatever gun is in his hand. Facing him scares me and being on his team gives me the confidence to take on 10 more players. This role model player helped BLS become the powerhouse it is today!" - Kron
"Ehm? Who are you? They say you have mad skills. Mysterious man" - Laz
"the deadliest man in our clan other than the god himself. this is the guy i have played at most 3 times with in my whole year here. he is like a mystery man who no one can ever catch playing. if you do tell him to get his arse to the forum and make an account!!" - Kron (again but later)

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